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    Chris Dougan

    I use to hate on the Ls swaps. One day while building the Gremlin, I said screw it and bought a 4.8 already built for a turbo. It had a turbo cam, better heads and the rings were already gaped. I’ve bought some expensive things for it I didn’t really need, but i could have probably done a N/A Ls swap in a weekend and had it running. It is so simple and so many aftermarket companies support the platform, it is nearly fool proof. If you are on the fence, do it…

    Chris Dougan

    Turbo builds add a different level, because you now have to run a hot pipe to the turbo from the exhaust manifolds, run a down pipe to route the exhaust to the back of the car and make a cold side to the intake or to a inter cooler and then to the intake. It takes a little more effort, but LS platforms love boost.

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